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FFL Transfers, Probate Estates, Police Seizures
SLM International Company holds a Federal Firearms License (FFL) issued by the BATFE.  We have been in business for 20 years.

We perform FFL gun Transfers for a fee of $20.00 per gun plus actual shipping costs for Michigan residents who sell their guns online and need to ship FFL to FFL.

This business is owned by Attorney Scott L. Mazey who is an NRA referral attorney for Michigan.

The law office of Rothe, Mazey & Mazey, P.C., is located in Southfield, Michigan, just 20 minutes from downtown Detroit, on 12 Mile Road near the Southwest corner of 12 Mile and Northwestern Highway. (www.MazeyLaw.com)

We specialize in assisting families of gun owners who have passed away to sell firearms for fair market value, or to assist in legally transfering the firearm collection to family members.

We also help our clients obtain their firearms back from police departments that have wrongfully seized the firearms.

Please feel free to contact Attorney Scott L. Mazey for a free initial consultation
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